Saturday, October 18, 2014

Scloby raises €250k im seed funding from Club Italia Investimenti 2

Scloby, the system that turns your smartphone into a cash register, has raised €250k in seed funding from Club Italia Investimenti 2. The startup presented at Smau, the Milan-based international ICT trade exhibition, the new mobile receipt printer that allows you to print receipts and invoices on the move wherever you are. Fully integrated with the rest of the digital services of the system, the printer represents the latest addition in time order for the Turin, Italy-based provider of innovative online and mobile solutions for merchants.

Issueing a receipt or an invoice can be sometimes difficult, especially for those working on the move. Who is required to have them, needs devices that are easy to carry and easily rechargeable. For this Scloby, the system that integrally replaces the traditional cash registers and management software with tablets and smartphones, has created the portable fiscal printer Scloby Mobile
The device allows to work in full autonomy and mobility: it can be clipped to a belt and, along with the tablet or the smartphone, will allow you to print receipts and invoices on the move wherever you are. The device is fully integrated with the rest of the digital services. The printer, in fact, allows to get POS payments compatible with the major banks and to keep under control your own stock (central or in mobility). Suitable for those who do home deliveries, but also artisans and professionals, the printer integrates seamlessly with your existing e-commerce. The device offers maximum agility also in terms power supply: the printer can in fact be easily recharged from the mains supply or from the cigarette lighter of your car.

The launch of this new product comes in conjunction with a capital increase of €250k that Scloby obtained from a private fund, which will allow the company to further develop the entry of the system on the market. 
To make the announcement is Francesco Medda, founder and CEO of the startup: "Scloby has received an investment of €250k by Club Italia Investmenti 2 SpA, an Italian holding company specializing in investments to support the start-up of new projects, which first believed in the team of the startup and that has confirmed its confidence in the project by providing the means to accelerate the commercial development."

Scloby is an innovative startup innovative born within the  I3P Innovative Enterprise Incubator of the Polytechnic University of Turin (Politecnico di Torino). In compliance with the tax rules of the italian Revenue Agency, the Scloby system transforms your tablet or smartphone into a point of sale. It allows you to easily manage multiple payments, from cash payments up to innovative payment via smartphone, via credit or debit cards. 
In addition to issuing receipts and invoices, Scloby can be fully integrated into a single system across the galaxy of Internet services dedicated to traders, artisans and professionals, such as e-commerce, loyalty systems or inventory management.