Monday, October 13, 2014

Klikkapromo raises €600k in funding

Milan, October 13, 2014 - Klikkapromo, the Milan-based innovative startup specializing in digital couponing and shopping offers, has successfully completed a further funding round which ended up with a share capital increase of €600k and aims now to consolidate its leadership in the digital and mobile couponing spaceThe operation is follows the capital increase of €1M made ​​in 2013, which has enabled the company to launch the first and only 100% digital couponing platform Pazzi per le Offerte (Crazy about Offers), active both on the web and on the  iPhone and Android mobile store. An innovative service that allows users to purchase products on which a coupon is active at any point of sale, from supermarket to the local store, and then cash-in the rebate in the form of phone cards and gasoline vouchers

The innovative KIikkapromo service, which allows users to always have at hand coupons on many essential products and the best brands, counts today 350,000 registered users and in the early months of its activity has involved more than 20 large companies in the large-scale retail channel (GDO - Grande Distribuzione Organizzata) for a total of more than 1 million downloaded coupons that can be used in all distribution channels

The capital increase was subscribed by the entire board of Klikkapromo and all other members of the shareholding structure of the company. Thanks to this operation, the two  majority shareholders, Gianluca Andena with Andena Holding and Guido Paolo Gamucci with Bincot - ex partner in the private equity fund Permira - increased their majority stake in the company and hold now two-thirds (65%) of the shares of Klikkapromo. The injection of the new financial resources will be entirely devoted to the strengthening of marketing and communication activities as well as to reach a broader customer base. Indeed the company expects to double the number of subscribers by the end of the current year and to exceed the threshold of 1,000,000 of users in the first half of 2015, with the aim to offer brand companies an innovative promotion channel for an increasingly numerically important public. is the brainchild of Luciano Mazzone who, after a long experience in the internet and the mass distribution field, created in Italy the first site and the first mobile app for coupons and shopping offers. Founded in summer 2008, the company was born to fill the need in the web, i.e. a search engine for promotions offered by supermarket chains. What the company tries to do is, in accordance with the chains, is to bring this kind of promotions on the web, with the added value of the possibility of choosing, starting from the area where you are located, to find the nearest supermarket and what kind of promotions are available in that moment. Or even where to find the products that you should be looking for and buy them at the most convenient place. With the Klikkapromo service, the savings of the average family can range between 2,000 to 2,500 EUR per year, buying products in the right place at the right time. 

Currently is owned by Andena Holding of Gianluca Andena, Bincot of Guido Paolo Gamucci, Vela Imprese of Marco Pittini Marco and Guido Carissimo, as well as some well-known Italian professionals. As business angel also Alessandro Fracassi, CEO of the Group MutuiOnline holds a stake in the company. For choice of the company management no retail or consumer goods companies is present in the shareholding structure and in the management of KlikkaPromo, to ensure the impartiality and independence of the offered servie.