Thursday, January 4, 2018

Italian Angels for Growth and SICI - Fondo Toscana Innovazione exit WinMedical to AbMedica

Italian Angels for Growth (IAG), the leading Italian business angel network specialized in seed investing in technology startups, and SICI - Fondo Toscana Innovazione (SICI), have exited WinMedical, a company specialized in the development of wearable medical devices, to ab medicaItaly's leading company in the production and distribution of medical technologies, as well as reference point for robotics surgery - acquires WinMedical,  

ab medica was founded in 1984 by Aldo Cerruti, still president of the company. Since January 2015 Ab medica is part of an holding of companies oriented to innovation in medicine, together with Tlc (telecommunications and systems for telemedicine), Genomnia (genomics and bioinformatics), Medical Labs (production of advanced medical devices), Pacinotti (commercialization of medical devices), Telbios (remote assistance, telecardiology, home telemonitoring) and Rizzoli Orthopedic Workshops (prostheses, orthopedic equipment, aids and hospital equipment).

Win Medical was founded in 2009 as a spin off of the Sant'Anna School of Pisa and has operated in recent years from the site hosted at the Technological Pole of Navacchio. The shareholders IAG and SICI there were some members of Italian Angels for Growth, the leading Italian business angel network specialized in seed investing in technology startups, and Sici - Fondo Toscana Innovazione, have since 2011 helped finance the company's growth with an investment of €1M.

Thanks to the two shareholders who immediately believed in the company, WinMedical was able to develop the WinPack platform on the Italian market.

WinPack is the modular platform designed for continuous and real-time monitoring of the most important vital parameters. Thanks to the modularity and self-configurability that characterize it, WinPack allows to connect the various components in "plug & play" mode, monitoring 5-lead ECG, Respiratory Rate, 2-lead ECG, Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation, Temperature, Posture and Non-invasive and continuous blood pressure.

The extreme versatility of this platform makes it adaptable to the needs of multiple departments, from general medicine to hematology, through radiotherapy, digestive and thoracic endoscopy, radiology, surgery, long-term care, pneumology, onco Pediatric hematology, up to the emergency room and geriatrics. Where low and medium intensity care is provided, WinPack proves to be extremely valuable for a more efficient reorganization of departments. As well as in hospitals, this tool allows doctors and nurses to monitor patients at home and on their own via PC, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone.

"Consistent with the commitment that has always guided us in improving the quality of care and life of patients - says Aldo Cerruti, President of Ab Medica - welcoming in our group WinMedical is the answer to the desire to expand, improve and intensify the services of telemedicine, to ferry health towards the future of a 2.0 "medicine

Precisely in view of a redefinition of a Health Service that must evolve and change to respond to the needs of the person the company promotes and supports a new paradigm in medical care, an unprecedented course that finds in modular medical technology, wireless and wearable the key factor to address future challenges, including the contrast of clinical risk, better prevention of adverse events and consequently the reduction of costs for the health system, all to the benefit of a faster recovery and discharge of the patient.

Once the exit has been completed (the value of the transaction has not been disclosed), the medium-term objective for the company is now to become, within three years, the reference supplier in Europe in the field of medical devices to support clinical risk through the WinPack proprietary platform: WinMedical is experiencing this acquisition as a fundamental step that will guarantee it to face the challenges that global markets impose to medium-small Italian companies, A path is thus completed within the technological transfer system promoted by Regione Toscana, and WinMedical consolidates itself in the most great Italian Biomedical group confirming that processes of open-innovation, industrialization and commercialization of new technologies are also possible in Italy.