Friday, June 12, 2015

Tiassisto24 raises €350k from LVenture Group

New round of funding for TiAssisto24, the app that assists in road accidents. LVenture Group participated with FIRA - Finanziaria Regionale Abruzzese - and several Business Angels in a co-investment in TiAssisto24, startup that solves all problems related to the use of cars and motorcycles, for a total of €350k.
TiAssisto24 is a platform that simplifies life to motorists helping them to save money and time and providing them with best services. The startup will receive the investment in two tranches, the first of €250k and the second of €100kLVenture Group is committed to a total investment of 75 thousand Euros. €250k will be provided by the Finanziaria Regionale Abruzzese (FIRA), under the call "StartUp StartHope" call, dedicated to the creation and growth of innovative enterprises. The remaining amount comes instead from some business angels.
"With this investment, we will have the needed
resources to implement the business and technology roadmap - explains Michele Romagnoli, CEO of TiAssisto24 -. We want to become the first player in Italy in the independent assistance to motorists, thatnks to launch in each town of value-added services such as 'SOS fines' and the network of personal assistants."

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

LVenture launches Angel Partner Group

Network, selected investment opportunities, business education: these are the three pillars which underpin Angel Partner Group, the new association officially presented at Luiss Enlabs in front of a selected audience of more than 100 potential investors. The association was founded on initiative of LVenture Group, a holding company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, with the aim of bringing and growing together a community of investors who believe in the social value created by innovation. Domenico Nesci - presenting for the first time the new association of which he is President - said, "APGroup has strong international vocation. We want to cross the Italian border and immediately create a network of investors globally"A network of high-level and  global reach, therefore, within whom shareholders, thanks to networking events and a digital platform, can interact fueling personal and professional relationships, sharing investment opportunities and creating new business ventures."