Monday, May 23, 2011

7 Italian Clean-Tech Startups to Watch in 2011

Italy is one of the sunniest countries in Europe when it comes to energy generation from renewable energies, such as photovoltaic. However, due to is strong dependence on energy imports - indeed, 80% of consumed energy in Italy is imported from abroad -, and the initial political uncertainty, raised at the beginning of 2011, on the country's environmental policy  after the fierce debate started by the Italian government on its intention to introduce new atomic power plants as solution to the problem of energy dependence from abroad, it seems that the government has changed position, maybe cooled down by the terrific disaster which hit Japan, by giving a long-waited answer, to a sector which was risking to be kneeled down, with the signature of the so-called IV Conto Energia, i.e. the regulatory framework that sets out the new feed-in tariffs' system for the PV sector, and which does not change the tariffs previously announced. This last event surely represents the first clear sign  of the government in supporting a sector which in my opinion will be a key driver in the economic growth of the country in the few years to come.

However, despite the recently raised political uncertainty and the current economic crisis, the country enjoys the presence far-sighted entrepreneurs who have since long time understood that renewable energies are one of the strategic areas in which one should invest in order to contribute to the economic growth of the country.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Apps-Builder receives financing from Annapurna Ventures

The do-it-yourself application for iPhone, iPad and Android devices is finally arrived. The idea is the brainchild of two developers (and students of the Polytechnic of Turin) - Daniele Pelleri and Luigi Giglio - supported by the graphic expert Martina Pelleri. The three young guys presented to the Italian public a novelty at European level. AppsBuilder is an amazing and innovative online platform that allows to create, in just three easy steps, customized applications for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones, tablets and web apps. The service is innovative, simple and immediate allowing to turn any website into a mobile application to people who have little or no computer skills.  

AppsBuilder is a service designed for internet users who want to create a mobile application. An innovative technology that can be used by anyone to transform any website into apps. The platform allows to publish and distribute apps on the main app stores (Apple, Android, and soon also Windows) and to optimize the visualization of the website content in the navigation on mobile devices.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Italian the Best European Business Angel 2011

The European Business Angels Association (EBAN) which on May 13, 2011 met in Warsaw for its Annual Meeting, awarded Francesco Marini Clarelli - president of Italian Angels for Growth (IAG) - as best European Business Angel of the Year, 2011
EBAN is the trade association that brings together at European level, supports and represents business angels, groups of angel investors, seed funds and other actors operating in the world of early-stage investments. Overall, with its presence in 26 countries where it operates, through direct and indirect membership, EBAN involves more than 300 groups, 20,000 business angels and 40,000 entrepreneurs. For the next few years the organization has set itself the ambitious goal of bringing the early-stage investment level from the current estimated value of € 4 billion to € 10 billion.

Is therefore understandable the satisfaction with which Marini Clarelli (53 years, angel investor since for more than 20 years) has welcomed the award:

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mopapp: from Bologna the winner of Seedcamp Berlin 2011

Mopapp, which stands for Measures Of Performances (for apps) is the app born from an idea of the management team of AnguriaLab LLC, whose founders are Alessandro Rizzoli, Marco Bellinaso and Federico Sita. It is an amazing web-based service oriented to developers for mobile platforms to track, analyze and display the downloads, sales, revenues and profits of their applications by generating easy-to-understand reports. Mopapp is not only an amazing web-service but also the winner, along with Efficient Cloud, of Seedcamp Berlin 2011.  Mopapp automatically integrates with major stores such as iTunes App Store, Android Market, RIM App World, MobilHand and BlackBerry. It can then be used by those who publish applications (both free and fee-based) for iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile.  The version launched last August 2010, was still the private Beta version, available only to the first 50 who had requested. Today, Mopapp finally  is availabl public beta.

While the version released last 6 August, 2010, was the "private" beta, available only to the first 50 persons that had requested it, today, Mopapp finally entered the public beta, allowing anyone to register for free and start using the service without any limit. But let's look what it does in more detail,