Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kiver closes funding to boost its expansion plans

Kiver, an agency specializing in digital marketing services for businesses, announced a new strategic orientation and a capital increase. Strategic acquisitions and new financial resources for a growing market will be the main focus.

Founded in 2004 as an aggregator of independent digital music and reference agency for projects of music branding for companies, today Kiver is a group that has undertaken a thorough reorganization of its corporate structure. Functional to its growth objective were the choices of separating the business of music distribution, conferred today to the newly created Kiver Digital, as well as that of browser games (with oFootball), of renovating the set of services of digital marketing and realize significant investments to grow the business in terms of products and technology. An important step of this growth was the acquisition in 2010 of Boomer (an Italian Social Media and Performance Marketing Agency), whose entry has increased and strengthened the action range of Kiver, thus giving rise to a strategic combination of experience and expertise in different areas of branded entertainment, social media and performance marketing.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

GoWar goes mobile with its iOS app

GoWar, the location-based social strategy game winner of the May 2010 Venice Startup Weekend, has been recently launched in the Apple Store and last 23rd June it already hit the more than 3,000 players . With GoWar users can choose a strategy to conquer real places, manage troops and declare war on their favorite spots to build their personal empire.
Thanks to GoWar's proprietary algorithm, gamers are able to play socially with and against real people while roaming around their cities and interacting with other players. To get started, gamers have just to select a target, choose their armies and attack! Gamers can take their friends on Facebook by inviting them to join the battle by sharing their victories. In GoWar, players are able to use tanks and different special weapons to attack real places. The prestige of the places conquered is proportional to their popularity in the real life thanks to the integration with Facebook's "likes" and "check-ins"!