Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mosaicoon: growth & funding of the leading italian media viral company

MOSAICOON headquartered in Palermo, Sicily, and with offices in Milan, Rome and London is one of the hottest italian startups in the online advertising space. Since its foundation in december 2009, the mission of the company has been to develop a new integrated model of digital communication through the realization of an innovative system of online advertising. The company founded by Ugo Parodi Giusino, has developed a unique communication model of advertising campaigns of web engagement through viral videos and is nowadays one of the few Italian companies specialized in the production, distribution and monitoring of viral campaigns with a network of more than 95 millions of users worldwide, offering companies an integrated online communication strategy by focusing on users and their brand perceptions. The company has a very advanced structure in terms of strategic know-how and creative thinking through its two proprietary software platforms (Plavid & Tracking) for the distribution and monitoring of viral campaigns, offering seeding and tracking services of contents produced externally, Video Marketing, Content and Social Media Marketing, Smartphone Applications, Interactive and Web Design.