Sunday, June 12, 2011

Iubenda receives seed financing

Iubenda the startup founded and led by Andrea Giannangelo (21 years old) has announced its first seed investment of €100,000. The investment that comes some of the most active investor in the italian web startup scene: Digital Investment SCA SICAR whose advisor is dpixel of Gianluca Dettori, and business angels Andrea di Camillo - who now works in Quantica (ex Vitaminic, Banzai) - and Marco Magnocavallo who has created several companies, the last one being which has been recently acquired by Populis. Among the inverstors debuts also Stefano Bernardi.

What is Iubenda?
Iubenda allows you to generate a Privacy Policy for your website. The aims is to be the Creative Commons of Privacy Policies. The Privacy Policy can be embedded on any website (after a bit customization) and the goal is to reach the footer of every website in the world.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

H-Farm Launches Seed Program Q3/2011

Last June 1, H-Farmventures - the first italian private incubator, halfway between an incubator and VC - launched its 90-day time window for would-be webpreneurs in search for their first round of investments in 2011. Participate is really easy: all what would-be webpreneurs have to do, in order to become the next Andrew Mason, is to send their breakthrough "internet-based" ideas between June and August using the online form.

Indeed H-Farmventures will evaluate only "internet-based" projects with particular interest in proposals in the medical field, environmental sustainability, social games and online payments. The team of H-Farmventures will pick up only 5 projects providing them with the initial financing for the first 3 months devoted to product development and business planning.