Sunday, June 12, 2011

Iubenda receives seed financing

Iubenda the startup founded and led by Andrea Giannangelo (21 years old) has announced its first seed investment of €100,000. The investment that comes some of the most active investor in the italian web startup scene: Digital Investment SCA SICAR whose advisor is dpixel of Gianluca Dettori, and business angels Andrea di Camillo - who now works in Quantica (ex Vitaminic, Banzai) - and Marco Magnocavallo who has created several companies, the last one being which has been recently acquired by Populis. Among the inverstors debuts also Stefano Bernardi.

What is Iubenda?
Iubenda allows you to generate a Privacy Policy for your website. The aims is to be the Creative Commons of Privacy Policies. The Privacy Policy can be embedded on any website (after a bit customization) and the goal is to reach the footer of every website in the world.
Iubenda is launching with 5m end users from day one thanks to partnerships with some major Italian websites including Wikli, FanPage, NinjaMarketing and TagliaBlog (these are the most prestigious websites in Italy where a web startup can appear). The visitors will be exposed to the Privacy Policy generate by Iubenda. Thanks to Iubenda you can generate your Privacy policy in three steps, which combine the expertise of a legal team and the use of a simple interface. Imagine that your website uses Google Analytics. Simply visit Iubenda, type the address of your website, add the service "Google Analytics" with a simple button and insert the information about the holder (the person or the company to which the website refers to). You will then receive a small portion of code to be integrated into your web pages, just like Creative Commons. The code will display a small icon with a link to the Privacy Policy, which is maintained directly by and hosted on their Iubenda servers.

Iubenda has recently released a new invitation system and a public waiting list for entering the upcoming beta. On July 1st, the top 30 users coming from the waiting list will have the honor to enter the private beta (reserved to Italian users, but exceptions are not excluded). So I would really appreciate if you guys could sign up and share this with your friends.

Quantica SGR: is a company dedicated to venture capital investments in start-ups and early stage companies. Quantica operates through two close-end funds, known as "Principia" and "Principia II", with a total budget of € 90 million. The fund, which invested in CrowdEngineering, has a budget of more then € 63 million, of which 50% underwritten by the DIT, the Department for Digitisation and Technological Innovation of the Ministry of Public Administration and Innovation. The investment objective is to support innovation in processes or products through increasingly pervasive digital technologies.

Digital Investments S.C.A. SICAR: is a multicompartment investment company incorporated under Luxemburg law and specializing in investments in start-up and early stage companies. The investment objective of the recently established "Seed Compartment" is to support business ideas with a high level of innovation in processes and products. The areas of investment are the Internet and digital media, mobile, web application and software. dPixel, a consulting firm specializing in technology venture capital, is the Advisory of Digital Investments SCA SICAR "Seed Component" and of Telecom Italia "Working Capital" project. Due to its structure and its network, dPixel has the ability to manage a dealflow of high quality and quantity throughout Italy as well as internationally.