Monday, January 24, 2011

Venture Capitalists in the Italian Internet Startup Scene: Who They Are and How to Approach Them

As this is my first blog and first post, I would like to  provide those who are interested on venture capital and Internet startups with guidance about who invests (business angels, VCs) in Italian startups and on how to approach them in order to present an innovative idea when searching for a way of financing it. Enjoy it :)

As Internet has turned into a lucrative and successful marketplace for both web 2.0 entrepreneurs and venture capital firms, and as the latter are becoming more aggressive in seeking out disruptive technologies, it is probably fair to say that the internet start-up scene will be one of the fastest growing sectors worldwide for the years to come. This trend is already visible, since a decade, in the Italian Internet start-up scene where plenty of web 2.0 would-be entrepreneurs (or webpreneurs) are continuously hunting for fresh capital in order to transform their innovative ideas into successful startups. Likewise, more and more venture capital firms are investing in web 2.0 companies, therefore diversifying away from their traditional investment sectors (Financial services, Consumer products, Constructions, Telco, Chemistry etc.).

In Italy, as elsewhere, "before approaching and sending out business plans to a potential VC firm or business angel, it is very important - for (Internet) would-be entrepreneurs - to understand what VCs are looking for",