Monday, May 2, 2011

Mopapp: from Bologna the winner of Seedcamp Berlin 2011

Mopapp, which stands for Measures Of Performances (for apps) is the app born from an idea of the management team of AnguriaLab LLC, whose founders are Alessandro Rizzoli, Marco Bellinaso and Federico Sita. It is an amazing web-based service oriented to developers for mobile platforms to track, analyze and display the downloads, sales, revenues and profits of their applications by generating easy-to-understand reports. Mopapp is not only an amazing web-service but also the winner, along with Efficient Cloud, of Seedcamp Berlin 2011.  Mopapp automatically integrates with major stores such as iTunes App Store, Android Market, RIM App World, MobilHand and BlackBerry. It can then be used by those who publish applications (both free and fee-based) for iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile.  The version launched last August 2010, was still the private Beta version, available only to the first 50 who had requested. Today, Mopapp finally  is availabl public beta.

While the version released last 6 August, 2010, was the "private" beta, available only to the first 50 persons that had requested it, today, Mopapp finally entered the public beta, allowing anyone to register for free and start using the service without any limit. But let's look what it does in more detail,
in order to understand why it is so useful: any developer is interested to know how many downloads or updates his application receives, what is gained, in what countries the app is more popular and how things change over time. The concept is simple, but iTumes Connect (the web interface provided by Apple to developers to upload and manage their apps in the App Store) offers very limited reports of difficult consultation. Complete sales data are offered in reality, but in text format (as csv file) that in theory the developer should download every day and then import into a spreadsheet (Excel, Numbers, etc...), apply appropriate filters and transformations, if any (e.g., consider only a specific application or country, or to standardize a single currency of sales made around the world with different currencies) and configure the graphics. Mopapp's work is to automate the entire process, providing a series of  advanced graphs and reports always updated.  

There are actually a few other services that offer something similar, but limited to the iPhone/iPad apps published on iTunes. The main peculiarity of is that not only manages the platform and store of Apple, but also integrate with Google Android Market, RIM App World, Handango and Mobilhand and can also be used to track the sales of Android apps, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. Since each store allows you to export the raw sales data in a proprietary format, and that each store has different rules (e.g. the percentage on the selling price that the store keeps as commission) Mopapp makes life much easier especially for those who have (or think that may have) applications for multiple platforms and for sale on multiple stores: it will take care of importing data from various stores, uniform them, and allow the developer to view all sale reports through a unified and simple user interface (very similar to that of Google Analytics, among others, and then will be immediately intuitive to most). This example allow us to understand at a glance, what are the stores where the same app is selling more, for what specific device (in the case of app for Android and BlackBerry), for which version, and more.

In addition, by using an API or a custom CSV file, you can import and analyze data coming from a store or database (useful for example for those who sell applications through their website and a PayPal script).

Other features include:
  • reports for app, store, platform, device model, country, currency
  • possibility to receive reports via email, weekly or monthly
  • automatic calculation of profits from sales (i.e. commissions from store are unbundled, depending on the percentage and specific rules of each)
  • currency conversions (using historical conversion rates, for each purchase date) and merging for the calculation of the totals
  • native iPhone ( and Android ( clients.
  • browsing of reports compatible with iPad and majority of modern mobile devices, thanks to the rendering javascript/html5 of graphics rather than using Flash technology
  • API support for integration with other stores
  • import of reviews/comments published on the various stores.
Mopapp includes also a native app for iPhone (with resolution of the data to measure and auto-login) to control sales on-the-go. The website can still be navigated even by iPad or other device as the graphics are not rendered via Flash. 

So, if you are an interested developer you can register for free on Anyone wishing to try the service for free without registering, can do it by trying the demo account (an account filled with sample data) which is fully navigable and offers a glimpse of all repors and functions: So what are you waiting for, track and analyse your mobile apps' sale with the "Google Analytics for apps revenues".