Friday, June 12, 2015

Tiassisto24 raises €350k from LVenture Group

New round of funding for TiAssisto24, the app that assists in road accidents. LVenture Group participated with FIRA - Finanziaria Regionale Abruzzese - and several Business Angels in a co-investment in TiAssisto24, startup that solves all problems related to the use of cars and motorcycles, for a total of €350k.
TiAssisto24 is a platform that simplifies life to motorists helping them to save money and time and providing them with best services. The startup will receive the investment in two tranches, the first of €250k and the second of €100kLVenture Group is committed to a total investment of 75 thousand Euros. €250k will be provided by the Finanziaria Regionale Abruzzese (FIRA), under the call "StartUp StartHope" call, dedicated to the creation and growth of innovative enterprises. The remaining amount comes instead from some business angels.
"With this investment, we will have the needed
resources to implement the business and technology roadmap - explains Michele Romagnoli, CEO of TiAssisto24 -. We want to become the first player in Italy in the independent assistance to motorists, thatnks to launch in each town of value-added services such as 'SOS fines' and the network of personal assistants."
The service offered by TiAssisto24 combines the advantages of a computer application, with an extensive network of experts at your service to help you solve all the problems associated with the use of a vehicle. The TA24 solution is based on an app and  a portal that allows you to manage the expire of driving licenses, road taxes, insurance and car inspections. The same application, thanks to a network of specialized and geo-localized experts, allow you to find the nearest car workshop or tire repair shop and, in case of an accident, to look for emergency or request a tow truck. TA24, also thinks of all the needs and unexpected events: providing access to promotional campaigns with personalized discounts and to receive an assessment of the opportunity to challenge the payment of a fine.
For our CEO Luigi Capello "The digital can really improve the quality of daily life of each of us and TiAssisto24 is a fine example. With this App we can not only save time but also spend less, delegating to professionals to carry out a whole range of services that would otherwise absorb time and energy. "
The market on which TiAssisto24 operates is very large, considering that Italy alone has 38 million cars, more than 2 million road accidents and a cost of around 27 billion euro for repairs.  

A startup aims to tap the potential, using the raised capital to expand its activities both geographically and in terms of new business areas. TA24 has planned to land in two other European countries within the next year and also aims to develop a platform dedicated to corporate fleets to enter the segment of small and medium-sized enterprises. 
TiAssisto24, entered the portfolio of LVenture Group after attending the V Acceleration Program of LUISS ENLABS, ended in January this year, it is a good business model as the  in a few months obtained results show. The platform has more than 350 registered users online, 50 paying customers, 10 Assistance Corners in 5 regions and 100 service providers. These numbers have enabled the startup to enter into partnerships with industry assistance and auto repair.