Friday, October 10, 2014

Programma 101 invests in Waynaut and joins Club Italia Investimenti 2 to push Waynaut's international expansion

Programma 101 (P101), the venture capital fund promoted by Andrea Di Camillo (ex founder of Banzai and Vitaminic) and sponsored by Azimut Holding and the Italian Investment Fund, focused on early-stage investments in the digital space between €500k and €3M, has invested in Waynaut (previously known as, the Milan, Italy-based multimodal transportation platform that allows to integrate in a simple and immediate way detailed information on how to reach any place, by using all kinds of means of transportation from the more traditional ones such as train and plane to the most innovative ones like such Uber and Blablacar. P101 thus joins, in the capital of Waynaut, the venture capital vehicle already present in the company, Club Italia Investimenti 2, who did already invest €50k in the company a pre-seed funding round held in May 2013The amount raised was not disclosed, by given the investment range of P101 there is to bet that the investment was of at least €500k.

Founded in 2013 by Simone LiniWaynaut is the first aggregator in Europe of traditional and innovative transportation thought for businesses wanting to enhance their offers or provide an additional service to their customers showing how to reach a destination in a simple and fast way. The company provides information on all means of transportation with a current coverage of 80% of the Italian territory. Waynaut was the first provider in Italy to make available such products in an international context characterized by a

not yet very high competition. It is a virtually untapped market showing attractive growth opportunities. Taking the example of online travel agencies, which are more and more attentive to propose solutions that cover the entire customers' trip, they will be able to offer through the Waynaut API a complete information to guide users door to door. Or just think of any business, website or app for the organization of events that is not satisfied with the only provision of the address or some general information on how to get to the event itself, but wants to give clear guidance on means that at any given time the customer can use along the way. 
Waynaut is able to acquire data from different types of transportation means - whether be them traditional ones, such as trains and subways, whether they refers to the most "innovative" means, such as carpooling - and aggregate them in a single platform, providing third parties with a complete and solid information base that can be used to provide users with a complete experience of travel door to door. All this by using an advanced proprietary technology that allows you to collect data heterogeneous in formats difficult to obtain, combined with a powerful algorithm of multimodal routingA series of partnerships with companies such as Blablacar, European leader in ridesharing (carpooling), or Skyscanner a web platform flights comparison, allow Waynaut to provide a full range of possible options.

The Waynaut offer currently includes two products, widgets and an API

The widget allows easy integration of Waynaut's technology in the customer's site. For example, a hotel reservation platform can integrate the widget into its pages, providing its users with detailed information on how to get to the booked hotel, to greatly simplify the travel experience. 

The API instead allows for greater customization, thanks to the endless possibilities of development at low cost. In addition to the mere application dedicated to the planning of movements, anybody will have the opportunity to create innovative solutions that make trips and daily travels easier and more enjoyable. At the same time, realities already on the market will have the opportunity to use the API in order to expand its outreach at a sustainable cost. 

P101 investment is meant to support the development at the national level and lay the foundation for international expansion. The ambitious long-term goal: to become the first global provider of transportation data. 

About Waynaut 
The target of Waynaut is to simplify the movement of millions of people around the world. Waynaut allows anyone to integrate in a simple and immediate way detailed information on how to reach any place, by using all kinds of means of transportation to provide the user with an immediate and personalized experience. 
The company employs about twenty people and today its data cover almost all the national territory. 

About P101
Program 101 or P101, is an operator of venture capital specializing in early stage investments in the digital space. The company's aim is to provide the new generation of entrepreneurs with resources, skills and services needed to consolidate and boost the growth of their companies. 
The investments are mainly focused on Italian companies able to exploit the opportunities offered by the digital revolution, which have already proven their business model and the ability to scale quickly, relying on technological innovation, product and process innovation. Promoted by Andrea Di Camillo, 15 years of experience in venture capital and one of the founders of Banzai and Vitaminic, P101 is the name of the first personal computer sold worlwide on a large scale. Program 101 was conceived, created and produced in the sixties by Olivetti in Italy, and it was an example of Italian innovation that has left its mark in the history of modern digital technology, well beyond national borders. 

Club Italia Investimenti 2 is a vehicle that invests in startup supported by the partner accelerators to complete the prototype stage and market launch. The goal is to generate metrics of interest for the next round of investment. Born in Milan in 2013, has already invested in 43 startups. Among its members it counts successful entrepreneurs and accelerators partner themselves.