Tuesday, July 29, 2014

LVenture raises €4.79M via capital increase to invest in new innovative startups

LVenture Group, a Rome, Italy-based investment holding company listed on the MTA managed by the Italian Stock Exchange which operates at international level in the sector of venture capital, closed on 25 July the subscription of 96.52% of the share capital increase of LVenture, announced on April 30, for a total of over €4.79M. The venture capital firm that controls the LUISS EnLabs accelerator of the University of Rome, founded by Luigi Capello in 2010 and publicly traded, brings thus to a total of nearly 9 million euro its share capital. The goal is to increase the tools available to innovative companies and arrive at the first exit of subsidiaries by 2015. "Some are already performando very well," said Luigi Capello own. 

The capital increase occurred mainly through the issuance of 7,100,000 shares, the offering period began on July 7 and ended on July 25. During the offer period, which started on 7 and ended on July 25, said in a statement, have been exercised 10,279,680 option rights and then subscribed 6,853,12o million new shares, representing 96.52% of the total number of new shares for a total amount of 4,797,184 EurosThe reference shareholder, LVenture Holding Srl subscribed 1,428.572 new shares, equal to 20,12% of the total.

The LVenture fund has currently 22 companies in the portfolio on which it has invested, 14 of which coming from the acceleration program and 8 direct seed financing. Until now LVenture has directly invested €3M along with €6M coming by other investors.

The raised funding will be deployed to inject new financial resources on the existing startup to allow the grow and become more attractive in the foreign markets. The number of startups accelerated each year will grow: 12 startups each year in two annual programs. The first 6 startups will be taken on by January 2015.

In July, six more startups joined the accelerator for the 5th edition of the acceleration program. Six new startups passed through a thorough selection: the teams of accelerator analysts and advisors have screened more than 130 projects received from all over the world and among the startups coming out of InnovActionLab, training program aimed at creating youth entrepreneurship. The six startups are: 

Tiassisto24 is an app designed to help you to overcome the inconveniences of car. The web/mobile platform lowers the auto management costs and provides the assistance in case of road accidents, leveraging a network of professionals at zero km.

Filo is a a small Bluetooth device essential to keep an eye on the people and objects important to you. Using the app, it is possible to verify the position at any moment: it rings when needed to let you find what or who you are looking for.

Tutored (permits to organize in few minutes high-quality tutoring for any studying material, from elementary to specialized subjects. On Tutored, the supply and demand of tutoring services meet and it is possible to organize individual and group sessions, both online and offline.)

Instature is a perfect app to get a real-time foto of any place in the world in only few minutes. When a client sends a request, Instature sends a notice to all the users close to the place requested. Anyone who receives the notice can reply, sending a photo and receiving a compensation.

Makeit Land offers online courses of patchwork, quilting, creative sewing and crochet, organized by a team of professionals. It is possible to purchase high-quality materials necessary for your projects directly on the platform. The platform provides an interactive experience: you can share your progress, interact with the teachers and participate in the workshops with other fans of creativity.

Slapped is the app to launch a challenge – a “slap”- to your friends through a simple video or a photo. The mission is to render social any type of challenge. Slapped begins with registering through Facebook, Twitter or email. After launching the “slap” you can choose between the public (open to all the users) or private (open only to the nominated friends) slap.

The acceleration program lasts five months and aims at a successful exit on the market. During this time, the selected startups will work hard at the accelerator and participate in various training courses. They will get a massive support from advisors, 360º assistance from accelerator team, access to different facilities and, most important, a well-established network of  LUISS EnLabs. The course ends up with the Investor Day, an event where all the startups participating in the program present their project to a wide board of investors trying to convince them to sustain it.

An investment of €60k (€30k in facilities and €30k in cash, in return of equity stake) is currently evaluated by LVenture Group,, holding of venture capital listed on the MTA managed by Italian Stock Exchange.