Friday, July 18, 2014

1000 Italy raised €200k in seed funding from Maccorp Italian

1000 Italy, the innovative Rome-based startup that has developed a mobile incoming tourism app, has raised €200k in seed funding from Maccorp Italiana active in the field of currency exchange which operates Forexchange, with which it has signed an important agreement.
Under the agreement, Maccorp enters the capital of 1000 Italy and supports it commercially. The investment held by Maccorp amounted to EUR 100 thousand in cash plus an additional 100 thousand euro in value of commercial support and services that Maccorp provides 1000 Italy
Exchange brokers such as Forexchange - is to be read in a statement - are a must for all types of travelers. 

This important alliance which will bring as immediate benefit to 1000 Italy the visibility of their business proposal through an authoritative and immediate point of contact with visitors to our country.

On 1000 Italy
Founded in February 2014, by Karin Venneri (CEO) and Marcello Stani (CTO1000 Italy promotes the Country with a bottom-up process, thanks to the excellence of a community of Ambassadors scattered throughout the nation: Italians themselves discover and propose the best of Italy, normally left out from traditional tourism flow.

Thanks to the great potential of crowdsourcing, the traveler can discover unconventional content on the move, exploring straight away homegrown little known excellences: art, culture, events, territories in their more traditional dimension, even in the most unexpected way. 1000 Italy is the catalyst for all potential Italy Lovers: who loves their country shows it proudly to those who travel to enjoy the Italian way of living; experiencing Italy like just a true blue Italian would do is the best way to do so.

1000 Italy is a new and exciting easy to use app that lets helps you discover all that Italy has to offer from the conventional to off the beaten track - its all here. 

Recommendations based on location or by using the flexible search option we aim to provide you with inspiration for your italian experience. There is an entire country to be explored and whether you are interested in Arts & Culture, Food or fancy a spot of retail therapy, our app will help you navigate effortlessly and provide instant access via the app to: 

+authentic italian culinary experience whether its fine dining or the trattoria tucked away in a side street 
+museums, galleries and cultural experiences 
+attractions, days out and activites for the whole family 

+retail outlets, shopping and exclusive offers