Tuesday, February 18, 2014

RestOpolis raises angel funding

Andrea Casalini, Mauro Del Rio, respectively CEO and Founder of Buongiorno; Euan Lonmon, already CEO of the italian subsidiary of Corsica Sardinia Ferries and  Giuseppe Maurizio, already CEO of Greci Industria Alimentare are the new shareholders of RestOpolis, Italy's leading service for online booking of restaurants. 

Their expertise in the digital (Casalini and Del Rio), tourism (Lonmon) and catering (Maurizio) spaces, will make an important contribution to value creation and growth of the young company which since its foundation in February 2011 has already achieved impressive results. Indeed RestOpolis has a widespread distribution throughout Italy with more than 800 affiliate restaurants, as well as more than 35,000 service users and reaches a user base of more than 1 million people through its partnership network. The company partners with companies such as Touring Club, Ticket Restaurant, the Restaurants Union of the Good Memories, the app City1Tap TIM Social, MilanoCard, Vivimilano.it, DoveViaggi.it, Viaggi24, Secretary and Italiaatavola.net

"RestOpolis is an example of how technology can innovate traditional sectors such as that of food service: going to the restaurant by booking on RestOpolis is both more convenient and less expensive," said Mauro Del Rio. "The company has excellent growth potential and may consolidate its market position."
"The industry is going through a structural change that sees consumers increasingly careful to the quality/price ratio ," said Giuseppe Maurizio. " To be able to compete restaurateurs will acquire the tools and skills of operational marketing. RestOpolis took this need and gives a positive impulse to the entire sector. "

Booking your table online now - in fact - it is a habit that has already established itself in the U.S. and that is growing in Italy, as confirmed by Andrea Casalini and Euan Lonmon, who decided to focus on this market pushed by the excellent performance so far achieved by RestOpolis.

"It is a fact of great interest in the panorama of Italian startups," said Casalini . "The company has a top team, a compelling business model and is based on a great technology platform and a user-friendly app ."

"Right now as entrepreneurs we are called to support proposals that create value and jobs," adds Lonmon." RestOpolis meets these requirements and presents itself as a cutting edge booking tool that can give impetus to tourism and catering. My role in the coming months will be to support and integrate it more and more in the travel and online booking market."

The prospects are perceived just by the entrance of these new shareholders, which starting from the robustness of the business model they believe in the still unexplored possibilities of marketing and partnerships development. An example? Connect with the booking of the restaurant with the travel reservation, both online. And do not stop with the development of the application. 
It's the buzzword of 2014 for the italian startup ecosystem: more startups made in Italy, more tourism and food.