Thursday, February 13, 2014

Eurogroup acquires Piemontech

Turin, 12th February 2014 - Eurogroup S.c.a.r.l., a Turin-based technology consulting has acquired 100% of the shares of Piemonte High Technology Srl (Piemontech), an investment company that has as its object the acquisition of holdings in the share capital of innovative start-ups. This transaction allows Eurogroup to complete range of financial services designed to enterprise development. Indeed, the proposed activities start from interventions in favor of start-ups, facilitating the birth and capitalization, follow the life of the company with different consulting lines, accompany them with proper financial planning and with the necessary guarantees for wider access to credit, until you get to the more structured reality, to a mor efficient use of renewable energy, from an environmental and economic point of view. To affirm the importance of belonging to a network of companies working alongside SMEs and make it more recognizable on the market, the Shareholders' Meeting of Piemontech has approve to rebrand the company name in Euroventures Srl.

Piemontech was born in 2004 with the objective to provide a real opportunity of growth to new startups with innovative ideas and projects. It was the first venture capital operator in Piedmont and one of the first in Italy and, in 10 years of activities, it was able to spread an entrepreneurial culture above all among young people.