Thursday, February 6, 2014

Atlante Seed and Withfounders invest in Plannify

Plannify, the easiest and funniest tool to discover events in Italy and abroad, not only got an equity from the venture incubator Digital Magics and Uvet Group, but has receives further funds from Atlante Seed (Intesa Sanpaolo Group) and Withfounders (Italian investment company that has supported important business initiatives and successful startups such as Buongiorno, SaldiPrivati, Jobrapido and Glamoo) and other investors of the Digital Magics Angel NetworkDigital Magics and other investors committed to subscribe a capital increase with a trance of €725,000, of which 508,250 have already been subscribed.

Massimo Fregnani, entrepreneur since over 35 years in the production and organization of events such as Notre Dame de Paris, Cirque du Soleil, Italian Sensation, enters into the shareholding of the company and assumes the role of President of Plannify. With his experience, Fregnani will support the company in the process of international expansion, contributing to the emergence of new global partnerships. The Plannify team will also increase with the entry of developers, graphic designers, content editor and accounts to develop its sales network.

With this operation Plannify will enhance the technological development of the platform, improving search engine effectiveness and collect as many events as possible. 
The innovative startup incubated by Digital Magics startups accelerator - founded by two young entrepreneurs in Veneto, Enrico Gennari and Carlo Scabin - develop mobile application for smartphones and tablets, and will release new features for the social agenda. Plannify will point to internationalization, launching new versions with the events in the language for the respective European countries and to promote incoming tourists in Italy.

Founded in late 2012, Plannify counts nowadays more tham 300,000 activities per month. On 15,000 registered users can find events, demonstrations, performances in Italian cities and in the major European capitals, organize their own agendas, share and comment their choices on social networks, invite friends and purchase tickets directly online. Plannify has forged important partnerships with leading Italian ticketing and live entertainment companies, local public agencies and promotions such as Barley Arts Promotion, Elita Milano, Show Bees, and has developed solutions for business to business Superflash (Intesa Sanpaolo Group) and BizTravel (Uvet Group).

The technological platform of Plannify has been identified by investors as an ideal tool for collecting events, activities, locations of Milan Expo 2015, and recommend them to more than 20 million Italian and foreign expected visitors. The startup offers day-to-day initiatives closer to users, depending on where they are located and their tastes, hobbies and passions, from live music to film festivals, literary festivals to county fairs, food and wine tastings up to the shows dedicated to children.

Plannify allows you to create private events to invite your friends, and also offers a business service for event organizers, which can promote their own initiative and go directly to the interested public. 

Digital Magics -
Digital Magics is a certified venture incubator of innovative digital startups, offering content and services with high technological value. Digital Magics is listed on AIM Italia, the Alternative Capital Market dedicated to small and medium-sized Italian companies with high growth potential, organized and managed by the Italian Stock Exchange. Digital Magics builds and develops internet startups together with their founders, investing equity and providing acceleration services. It takes talents and ideas, transforming them into disruptive and successful businesses in the Italian and international digital economy. The incubator promotes a culture of entrepreneurship and risk, contributing to economic growth and employment for young people. Digital Magics offers services to support innovation, creation and development of digital startups, and supports the search for new private and public investors, both Italian and international, that fund the next phases of development of the startups. The Digital Magics model is unique in Italy and is based on the Digital Magics LAB: the team that identifies, analyzes and launches new initiatives, providing innovative services to startup such mentorship, financial, administrative, strategic, logistical, technological and marketing communications services, as well as support of business management that can accelerate the growth process.

Plannify -
Plannify is the search engine for events and shows with social features: you can find all initiatives in the place you livei n, organize your schedule, share your own choices and invite friends . Plannify is aimed at all those who want to try and participate in any type of event, but it is also a business platform for those who organize them, which gives the possibility of promote their own initiative and go directly to the interested public. Thanks to its technology platform, Plannify today serves more than 300,000 activities per month, and is able to suggest a day -to-day events closer to users, depending on where they are located and their tastes , hobbies and passions. Plannify allows you to buy tickets online for concerts, exhibitions, shows, through exclusive partnerships with ticketing and live entertainment companies, public venues and promotion agencies.

Atlante Seed 
Atlante Seed, the Fund of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group dedicated to the Seed and Early Stage Capital invests in venture capital of innovative companies with still small, but high growth potential, with particular attention to the realities of operating in high-tech sectors. Alongside this activity (direct investment), the Fund also invests in selected incubators or enterprise accelerators specialized in specific sectors (indirect investments).