Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pree-seed funding for Gnammo: Club Italia Investimenti 2 welcomes a new startup in its portfolio

 According to a post on the company's blog, Gnammo the Italian social eating platform, raised a pre-seed funding from Club Italia Investimenti 2. The sum of the transaction was not officially disclosed but Club Italia Investimenti 2 usually invests up to €50k in incubated startups across the country. The company will use the capital to continue expand its operations.

Led by Gian Luca Ranno, CEOGnammo allows users (chefs and experienced amateurs) to organize meals and events at their own place meeting new people. The company's free platform provides event organizers with tools to promote their events. To date the startup has helped more than 500 chefs to bring 5,000 Gnammers to their events in 17 regions. Gnammo is incubated within the Turin-based Treatabit.

But what is Gnammo?
Born in January 2011Gnammo is the first Italian online platform dedicated to Social Eating, putting together great cooking and tasting events at your home. But what is Social Eating?
Join or create gastronomic events, sharing the seats around the table with strangers with whom building a new relationship in a situation in which the food becomes a vehicle for a very special social experience. Gnammo is active since June 2012, and thank to its Facebook page with nearly 9,000 "likes" and 15,000 users, has been able to organize more than 1000 events in 17 different Italian regions.

This growth has become exponential mainly since January 2013 thanks to a new version of the site that is continually enriched: the company is about of introducing more specific criteria and ratings given to chefs and on the guests in order to create "ratings" that helps people to orient themselves and, having concluded an initial agreement with a leading company in the food space such as Barilla, the company will create a real brand pages. These pages will be company pages that will tighten a partnership with the initiative by providing the material for the realization of events: this will lead to a lower cost for the cooks and the possibility for these commercial realities of having a more direct relationship with the "consumers base", bringing into play and submitting their evaluations and subsequent impressions to singular evenings, thus establishing a new and more real dialogue with them. Improvements that will be the prelude to other projects, such as the lauch of Gnammo platform abroad and even more assiduous organization of thematic reviews and festival for the entire community, such as Digital Food Days, a series of events in the middle between good food and technology, which ​​Gnammo has realized in whole Italy last May.