Wednesday, December 11, 2013

H-Farm invests in Travel Appeal

H-Farmthe leading italian venture incubator, has invested an undisclosed amount on a seed round in Travel Appeal, (as reported by finsmes). The funds will be used to continute to develop the company solutions. Indeed, Travel Appeal the thermometer which will revolutionize the rating on the attractiveness of italian turistic destination. Officially presented last 3rd and 4th of December at BTO - Buy Tourism Online - the largest exhibition dedicated to the world of Travel which took place in Florence. The startup incubated within H-Farm venture incubator arises from an idea of Mirko Lalli expert in digital media and travel for over 15 years, which aims to disrupt the way in which operators in this sector communicate each other and make marketing in the digital space. Travel Appeal finds solutions to help the destinations, places and tour operators to draw experience to enhance the touristic offer, providing expertise, digital innovation and tools to improve strategy. The tourism sector is one of the key elements of the Italian economy, and Travel Appeal just aims to provide the conceptual tools to understand the behavior of today's tourists, travelers who choose the destinations and move more and more thanks to digital tools and platforms on the Internet. Consequently, the startup is able to realize digital communication projects in line with the behaviors studied.

"We are very excited to embark on this adventure with Mirko . He is an expert in this area and we really do believe in the potential of Travel Appeal. Italy is a wonderful place, for us it is a duty and a pleasure , invest in a reality that can help to improve the perception of our territory. " - State Riccardo Donadon., President and CEO of H-Farm.

The first product realized by  Travel Appeal in cooperation with H-ART who cared about  development of the code, and Amplr for the quality of the content, is the Travel Appeal Index, a methodology for the measurement of the appeal of chosen tourist destinations. The Travel Appeal Index is a value resulting from hundreds of variables that go to analyze all the aspects that can influence the perception of the customers. In addition to traditional factors and structural location the TAI consideres also and above all the value-scales of the contemporary traveler, examining each location in terms of sentiment and reputation, organizational capacity of governance, marketing capabilities, supply, services, communication strategies and platforms accommodation.

The idea, simple as it is effective, is to provide an analytical tool that allows you to map all aspects (both offline and online, own and of your competitors) from which to create a territorial marketing plan and successful tourism promotion. Soon there will be avalailable an online tool that will allow to calculate the Travel Appeal Index in a fully automated and free way.

Founded by Donadon (former CEO at E-TREE - exited in 2001 to Etnoteam)H-Farm - the first Italian private digital venture incubator - halfway between an incubator and VC, fascinates not only for the location in Ca' Tron (Treviso) but also for its "penetrating" investment approach in startup ideas. Indeed, this venture capital incubator, with offices in Seattle (USA), London (UK) and Mumbai (India) was born in the countryside of Ca' Tron, near Treviso, location which Donadon choose in the middle of the countryside because he "wanted to link high tech thinking with the slow life of the country" as Margaret Greenberg observes. Startups on which this venture incubator invests are initially incubated and provided not only with financial backing but also with technological, logistical, as well as consulting support. Definitely an interesting fact, able to create a very positive image. 

H-Farm has since inception invested in over 52 projects and successfully exited 7 companies, giving employment to 350 people.