Tuesday, December 3, 2013

AeroDron receives €400k in seed funding

Just 5 months after joining the B-ventures startups accelerator launched by Buongiorno S.p.A., AeroDron, a Parma-based (Emilia-Romagna) startup operating in the remote sensing space, has closed a seed round of €400k which will bring to the subscription of a capital increase.

The seed funding is foreseen in two tranches:
  • the first tranche of €110k has been concluded on 27th November and has been subscribed by Blom CGR (the general company for air video shots), a leading company in the sector of photogrammetry and remote sensing, and by Capital B! a the financial vehicle controlled by Mauro Del Rio (President and Founder of Buongiorno S.p.A.).
  • the second tranche, of the value of €290k, will be subscribed in January 2014 and will see the entrance of important investors and entrepreneurs among its shareholders.

With this transaction AeroDron obtains a further push to its growth thanks to the financial resources and technological competencies brought in by Blom CGR, which enters in the company shareholding as an industrial partner.

Born in Parma in 2012, AeroDron is actually incubated within B-ventures accelerator program launched by Buongiorno S.p.A., uses civil drones to offer professional services of low-flying and high precision air video shots to sustain the activity of analysis, protection, prevention and safeguarding of the territory and environment. It is the only italian realty addressing the public administration and which operates in the field of environmental services with the objective of insert the use of drones in the technology already in use, by substituting traditional aircraft services.

Remote sensing is a discipline in constant growth, and as such requires continuous investments in technology and financial services. Blom CGR has chosen to comply with the subscription of capital increase of AeroDron, in response to the growing demand for local services performed by aircraft drones. Thanks to B-ventures, to the know-how and spatial information put at disposal by Blom CGR, it was possible to equip AeroDron the necessary tools to perform services with high added value in the field of regional studies, particularly for those operators making increasingly use of this type of technology as a complement to other remote sensing platforms.

This is the first capital increase of a certain weight made ​​by a company backed by B-ventures, it happened quickly, shortly after that our activities have come up to speed, thanks to the strong dynamics of AeroDron, but also thanks to the interest and availability of our network of investors. I am particularly pleased with the involvement of CGR: a company with strong expertise with a national leadership and an international propensity, recently "returned Italian"; the collaboration between a newly created company by B-ventures (AeroDron) and a historical company recently repurchased by the family Banchini (CGR) also seems to me symbolically perfect. "says Mauro Del Rio - Chairman and Founder of Buongiorno.