Saturday, December 7, 2013

Intertwine receives €110k in seed funding by Digital Magics and 56CUBE

Intertwine is a startup that provides an innovative project in the field of media and collaborative editing. In practice, the objective is to put together the classic features books, digital communications and social networking. The startup is backed by Digital Magics and 56Cube with a funding of €110,000.

Interwine, aims to become the first social network for the shared creativity. Intertwine is a web platform that allows users to create, share, and publish collaborative multimedia publishing works.

The project is supported by 56Cube, venture incubator of innovative digital startups in Southern Italy, and by Digital Magics, certified incubator listed on the AIM market of Italy Italian Stock Exchange (symbol DM), with an investment of € 110,000 and with the support services that cover different areas: from finance to technological development, from strategic evolution to marketing, from administration to logistics.

The target of this innovative startup is to build a new entertainment product that combines the classic features of books and digital communication and social networks. Since few days the beta version is already available under all social functions have been implemented (comments, notifications, "like", internal sharing platform and sharing on social networks) , as a tool for writing notes and the preview of the multimedia work.

How does it work Intertwine
The idea of ​​Intertwine is based on two figures: the plotter that creates the plot, the plot of the work, and make it available to the community to continue the project, and the bricker, the community that creates and shares brick (texts, audio, video, images), that is, the various pieces that need to continue to build the work created by the plotter. Once the creation process of the bricks is ended, the plotter will choose the most valid and will create a intertbook, a multimedia work. The intertbook will be distributed in digital delivering, generating revenue for the plotter and for each bricker who participated in the project and for the platform.

The beta version of the platform, allows users to be able to present their ideas or develop others helping with media of all kinds, and in the next few months will be launched the website in English" - said Gianluca Manca, Founder and CEO of Intertwine - "The investment and support of incubators Digital Magics and 56Cube will be able to accelerate the growth of the startup and the production process to introduce themselves to the market as soon as possible and at the best."

Intertwine won in 2012 the first edition of Vulcanicamente, startup competition organized by the City of Naples. It was then selected by Wind Business Factor 2013 for the program of training and support. Always in 2013 Intertwine also participated in important Italian and international competitions, passing all selections and coming to the finals of the Mind the Bridge Accelerator and Web Summit in Dublin and Startupbootcamp Pitch Day Barcelona (December 2013).