Thursday, April 10, 2014

Decysion raised $22M (€16M) in series B funding from Catalyst Investors

Decisyon Inc., a Latina, Italy and Stamford, US-based provider of business intelligence and performance management software solutions, announced it successfully closed a second $22M million financing round with group of investors led by the US growth equity firm Catalyst Investors. Decisyon Inc. is currently the only supplier in the industry that provides a collaborative platform that combines together business intelligence (BI) and performance management. The capital increase will allow the continued global expansion and growth of Decisyon and will allow the hiring of new talent in the United States and the rapid growth of sales and marketing activities in Europe along with the next step of development of the company's solutions.

It is the second investment round after the $15M series A funding raised in October 2012  by New York-based growth investor Axel Johnson Inc. and other prominent private technology investors from the US and the UK as well the $5M "venture loan facility" raised in March 2013 from Horizon Technology Finance Corporation, a leading US specialty finance company providing secured loans to venture capital and private equity backed development-state companies in the technology, life science, healthcare, information and services, and clean-tech industries. The overall funding raised so far by Decisyon amounts to $42M (€30M).

Decisyon was founded in 2005 in Latina (Italy) by Franco Petrucci, 48, an engineer who invented a software to adapt technological system to the way of working. Put short, a platform that lets you write, consult accounting, communicate with colleagues and suppliers without jumping from one program to another. "I analyze, collaborate, decide, indeed".  The advantage of the unified solution is in the possibility to pass from analysis to collaboration, from social to execution, from the analysis of Big Data generated by company facilities to the decision to change a production process, with a simple mouse click.
"The funding and support provided by Catalyst Investors will accelerate our work to transform the industry of Business Intelligence and provide our clients' teams  effective capacity of collaborative decision-making and execution," said Ron Rose, CEO of Decisyon. "This round of investment is a strong affirmation of the global capacity of Decisyon to provide value to large companies that are our customers and partners , and allows us to continue the rapid expansion in the U.S. and Europe," adds Franco Petrucci, Founder and CTO of Decisyon.

"With an intuitive solution based at the corporate level on the basis of a genuine collaborative structure, Decysion provides to its well-established customer base, improved decision making capacity along with the ability to generate significant returns on investment." said Todd Clapp, Catalyst Investors partners. "We look forward to working with the management of Decisyon and start this new phase of growth."

In January, the company launched in Europe and the United States Decysion 360 in and February has been recognized by Gartner, Inc. as one of the "interesting Vendors" in its report dedicated to the Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analitycs Platforms 2014. The innovative collaborative platform combining Business Intelligence and Performance Management enables the rapid development and code-free operations of business intelligence and planning solutions that provide a proven added value.

The solutions provided by Decysion 360 are implemented in a period with  time and costs taking into account those of the previous approaches requiring instead multiple products and custom coding. Customers quickly realize ROI improvements both in monetary terms and of processes, improvements that directly and positively impact turnover.

Decisyon offers Decisyon/Plant, a business intelligence solution for the manufacturing sector, providing manufactures the ability to power holistic plant operations monitoring and management in real time. From customer order through production to delivery, it allows manufacturers to manage their entire supply chain and manufacturing processes in unique and visual ways. Decisyon/Engage (formerly known as Ecce/Customer) is a SaaS solution for Social CRM that transforms social data into a company asset - dramatically improving your ability to quickly respond to ever-shifting social conversation, customer concerns and trends. The hybrid architecture joint to the base of all solutions provides client businesses and partners all the flexibility to develop solutions directly by the customer or on the cloud. The architecture also provides a full mobility support through HTML5 , which includes collaboration, data entry and execution processes.

Founded in 2005Decisyon, Inc. offers companies, manufacturers and brands worldwide unique solutions for collaborative enterprise software that integrate analysis, planning and execution in a single environment. Built on an innovative analysis engine, applications developed on Decisyon allow business teams to: 
• Understand why  certain decisions have been taken in the past;
• Access to any kind of structured and unstructured data, wherever it is found; 
• Work at any  process or data level; 
• Connect the dots around the decision making stages, whatever is their need; 
• Determine the best course of action; 
• Execute the transaction and processes in real time.

Today Decisyon is a company with nearly 100 employees. Has implemented its solutions in a complete way by 200 customers in 11 countries around the world, and of these, 20 have a turnover of over €1bn, while the top 10 customers have a turnover of more than €15bn.