Wednesday, January 22, 2014

H-Farmventures invests in Bauzaar

Treviso (Italy), 16 January 2014 - New investment for H-FARM, the Venture Accelerator which has decided to focus on the enthusiasm and initiative of Matteo Valente and Domenico Gimeli, two young guys who have launched an innovative e-commerce platform for the sale and distribution of food for dogs and cats: Bauzaar.

Bauzaar was born from an idea of the two fouders Domenico Gimeli (27) and Matteo Valente (27) during a stay in the US when they visited a  Valente's uncle. Once at his place, a package was delivered: food for his pets. Shortly after they discovered a website offering users the service of organized deliveries and thought right away about its advantages: it was then that the idea to found the company came on their mind.

They both left their jobs: Matteo Valente (Co-Fonder & CEO, Head of Marketing) was
Campaign and a Brand Manager at Zalando Italia while Domenico Gimeli (Co-Founder & CFO) was Senior Consultant at Ernst&Young. Two important jobs but when you have an idea which starts to obsess you night and day and you dream about it each night, you have to put yourself at play and take on the risks.

Risks yes, but planned, since the two guys spent hours and hours studying the market potential in order to develop the business plan for their project. They combined two growing markets:

e-commerce and the sale of products for dogs, analyzed the major players in the market to try to provide a viable alternative. To start the portal they initially invested more than EUR 50 thousand (money coming  from their families and from their savings).
An investment that after a few months (the site has been online since June) begins to bear fruit: some 100 active clients on the platform, 11 thousand fans on Facebook.

Bauzaar specializes in online sales of high-quality food and snacks for our four-legged friends: the strength of this small innovative business lies in the  service of "expeditions' organization" in which the customer can choose to receive at predetermined frequency products without having to repeat the process of buying and paying. Bauzaar also offers its customers a direct line to an expert, always ready to answer questions related to nutrition, health and well-being of their pet.

In line with the new investment areas of H-FARM, Bauzaar represents an important step in the field of e-commerce in Italy which, in the last year, has grown exponentially. Together with H-FARM also Boox, structure born to support the new generation of entrepreneurs, has decided to invest in Bauzaar with the goal of helping the company to carve out an important place in the pet economy, whose market worth €3.5 billion/year (Zoomark forecast, a  trade fair being held in Bologna). 

Bauzaar was among the 7 finalists startups at the TechCrunch Italy 2013 edition. 

H-FARM is a digital platform founded with the goal of helping young entrepreneurs in launching their initiatives based on innovative business models in the Internet sector and to support the transformation of the Italian companies in a digital perspective. 
The acceleration model of H-Farm lasts an average of 36 months, during which H-FARM invests in and supports the growth of the startups. H-FARM farm is located in Ca 'Tron (in front of the Venice lagoon), Seattle (USA), Mumbai (India) and London (UK). 
In the first nine years, H-FARM has invested approximately €15.4 million in 54 startups, creating over 350 new jobs. The aggregate turnover of the company exceeds EUR 30 million. Between 2014 and 2018 are foreseen investments for further €10 million.