Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Maketank is the winner of the Techgarage startup contest 2013

MakeTank is the startup winner of Techgarage, the startup contest reserved to the best 18 business projects selected by Barcamper Makers Tours, which took place on 4th October in Rome, in occasion of the first european Maker Faire.

In front of a public of experts, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, journalists and bloggers of sector, Laura De Benedetto, co-founder of MakeTank, has passed the first selection arriving in final, and only woman left in competition, won the aspired Maker Robot, the trophy realized ad-hoc by the technological artisans of Roland DG, which has been delivered directly by Riccardo Luca and Gianluca Dettori.

Winning this prize is the confirmation that replies to the need of european makers: the possibility to have at their disposal a showcase to manage in full autonomy, by making part
of a marketplace dedicated to their innovative products. The mission of "MakeTank" proceeds is to render each maker entrepreneur of himself, transforming his passion in a sustainable business. What the future holds for MakeTank? After this pitch in front of investors, the founder wishes herself, that apart the prize, interesting contacts will come favoring the evolution of the project at international level. 

MakeTank is a multivendor marketplace born in Florence in 2012 where Designer and Makers can sell their works and products in autonomy in the whole world. The company recognized that the next wave is handmade and that new technologies - especially 3D printing, lasercut, Arduino and CNC - allow a new type of handmade to emerge, one with an eye for beautiful design as well as function. It combines the handcrafted tradition with the Digital Fabrication to offer the audience with intelligent, innovative and esthetically nice objects to furnish the house in an original way and making an exclusive present.