Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Principia invests in D-Share

D-Share, an italian firm specialized in technologies and solutions for digital publishing, announced the entry of Principia SGR in its shareholding.

Principia SGR a leading italian venture capital firm, entered in D-Share by subscribing with the "Principia II" Fund an increase of the share capital for total 1.8 million €

D-Share was founded in 2010 with the target to develop solutions of excellence for the publishing industry, in order to accelerate the migration of traditional activities to the business of creation and distribution of digital contents. Thanks to the vertical competences in the media and digital publishing industry, as well as in the specialization in segments of exponential growth such as tablets, mobile, web content management, D-Share conquered a leadership role in the national arena and has successfully started its international expansion. The entry of  Principia SGR in the capital of D-Share will allow the company
to consolidate the existing solutions, to widen the offer of new products and push the development on the international market.

The investor will contribute in terms of vision to the design of the business strategy accompanying the company on a path of internationalization and extension of the offer of services and solutions, and at a higher extent, to elevate the profile of the company at level of global technological partner for the publishing industry. The funds are  going to underpin the development of solutions of new conception in order to master the challenges of the international market.

The technological capacity and managerial experience coupled with the creativity and innovative products surely represent a good entrepreneurial project. All the ingredients are at play in order to master the challenge of the national leadership and international development with differentiated and innovative products based on the client attentions.

Principia SGR is a leading actor in the italian venture capital arena. It manages two closed-end funds, "Principia Fund" and "Principia Fund II", with focus on innovative technologies. The fund is one of the beneficiaries of the resources of the Fund High Tech Sud promoted by DigItalia former DIT (Department for Innovation and Technologies). The competences developed in the sector of business innovation and "digital space" as well as the buit relations with the research institutions, universities, business and finance world, are the elements which combined together origins the formula of investment of the Principia funds. The shareholding structure of the Principia is composed by professionals of the venture capital world and two important institutional partners, CNR - the National Research Council - and the Foundation BNC. The Principia II Fund has by now invested more than 53 million Euros in 30 companies, of which 21 start-ups.