Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mangatar receives funding from dPixel

Mangatar, a gaming factory specialized in the development of social games, has raised funding from dPixel, advisor of the investment vehicle Digital Investments SCA SICAR. The financing will be used to launch the new version of Dengen Chronicles.

Dengen Chronicles,  the first title of Mangatar, is a trading card game set in the world of Japanese Mangas in which players can personalise their own cards in an extremely detailed way and fighting against other real players. Dengen Chronicles is playable in the beta version under, version which already includes many of the features of the final version being, at the time being, under full development.

The market for social games, with more than 300 million monthly players, generates more than 60% of revenues from the sale of virtual goods usable within the game itself. In the course of the last year around 4 billion of dollars of virtual goods have been sold, while for 2015 this value it is expected to grow well beyond 15 billion of dollars.
The technology developed by the Mangatar´s team fully uses the potentials of HTML5+CSS, allowing the creation of a framework of creation of poweful and re-usable proprietary social games.

For dPixel it represents a very interesting investment in the online gaming space, a really competitive but also very large and truly global market. The invetment does not only provides the company with financial support, but it also share a strategic vision of social games. Indeed, there is a chance to render the product very special and to face the market with more strength.

In the last year the company stood put among italian startups by receiving many awards and citations. The company was founded in 2012 by Andrea Postiglione (CEO), Raffaele GaitoEnrico RossomandoAlfredo Postiglione and Michele Criscuolo, after having matured together some experience in the development and promotion of web and mobile applications.

There is to bet that Mangatar is optimally positioned to become a successfull case in the online social gaming space.