Saturday, December 19, 2015

360 Capital Partners closes €35M Seed Fund for European digital startups

The fund, called 360 Square, is intended for all those new startup company in the seed phase, which is to start production activity, when the company already exists with prototypes and management already present, but you do not know the commercial potential of the product or service (lender with good technical skills).

Backed by investors including the national insurer MAIF, the French bank Société Générale, Groupe Rocher, Thuasne, BPI France (FNA) and by business angels and European and American mentors, the venture focuses on investments from €300k to €1M in startups in France and elsewhere in Europe.

360 Square is the sixth fund of company and leads to €300M the total amount of funds managed by 360 Capital Partners.

"The vision of 360 Square - says Emanuele Levi, co-founder and General Partner of 360 Capital Partners - is to identify and help entrepreneurial disruptive who are actively contributing to the digital economy in the European region. With 360 Square aggregating investors are important from a number of vertical business and offering a diversified expertise and in-depth to our existing and future investments. "

A real return of venture capital in Italy. In recent months they have started several initiatives that have collected around 150 million with hundreds of projects reviewed


360 Capital Partners announces today the launch of ‘360 Square’, a 35M fund dedicated to seed stage startups.

With investors including national insurer MAIF, French bank Société Générale, Groupe Rocher, Thuasne, BPI France (FNA) as well as business angels and mentors from Europe and the US, this latest fund reinforces 360 Capital Partners’ ambition to invest in the best startups regardless of the stage. 360 Capital Partners will invest amounts between €300k to 1M towards seed stage startups in France and the rest of Europe. The team has already selected several first investments, all of which will be made public in early 2016.

Paul Degueuse, General Partner at 360 Capital Partners will be responsible for leading the new fund’s investments, and was recently joined by François Collet as Partner coming from CMCIC Capital Privé VC fund. “‘360 Square’ aims at growing young businesses from seed stage onwards in France and across Europe” says Paul Degueuse. “Seed investment requires a local expertise, and it’s essential to have a presence on the grounds. With this new fund, 360 Capital Partners is allocating additional resources to very early stage startups and adapting our offering, our responsiveness, and our investment terms to the needs and requirements of a new generation of budding entrepreneurs.” 

The vision for 360 Square is to find and help grow disruptive businesses that are actively contributing to the digital economy in the region,” says Emanuele Levi, coFounder and General Partner at 360 Capital Partners. “With ‘360 Square’, we’re adding leading investors from a variety of verticals, offering diverse and deep expertise to our existing and future investments,” he adds.

A true comeback for venture capital in Italy. In the last months has been launched several initiatives that have collected around €150M with hundreds of projects reviewed.

360 Capital Partners has been an active seed investor for over 15 years. The firm wants to sustain disruptive new technologies by supporting and growing innovative and ambitious young businesses from their very start. Europe’s digital ecosystem is growing at an incredibly rapid pace, and 360 Capital Partners has seen its deal flow more than double in the past five years.

Since its creation in 1997, and with over 300M in total funds under management, 360 Capital Partners made over 80 investments in Europe including more than 25% in seed stage, with notable success stories such as MutuiOnline, Yoox, YellowKorner and Leetchi.

About 360 Capital Partners

360 Capital Partners is an investment firm focused on multi­stage venture capital, growing companies from seed stage to exit. The firms currently has over €300M total funds under management, and invests in France, in Italy and across Europe from its offices in Paris, Milan and Berlin.