Thursday, December 11, 2014

D-Orbit raises €2.2M in VC Funding from Como Venture and Quadrivio SGR

Milan, 11 December 2014 - D-Orbit, young company operating in the aerospace sector and promoter of innovation and technological development aimed at mitigating the impending problem of 'space junk', cuts the ribbon of a new successfully completed investment round in its fundraising path. 

The company did involve in this round old and new financial investors: Quadrivio Capital SGR, which accompanied and supported D-Orbit in all its path since its birth, and Como Venture, one of the most active financial realities in the world Italian start-ups. D-Orbit raised €2.2M in VC Funding, respectively €1.95M from Quadrivio through its TTSeed and TTVenture funds (the Quadrivio segment focused on venture capital) and €250k from Como Venture.

D-Orbit, active in the development of decommissioning systems of satellites (i.e. systems responsible for the safe and controlled removal of satellites at the end of their service life), in just over three years has been internationalized, with a strong presence in Europe and the United States States, has qualified its innovative device, has signed promising partnerships of a commercial nature and has received recognition and support from space agencies around the world: among others ASI, ESA and NASA.

The company founded in 2011 by the idea of four young aerospace engineers, thanks to the support of the TT Venture fund (the segment focused on venture capital of Quadrivio), has, over the years, and with continuity, collected significant successes that have allowed it to become a small but dynamic company able to make deals with the big players in the industry.

The fundraising path does not ends with this investment round, but will continue in 2015 with the aim to attract more foreign and Italian investors.

Luca Rossettini, first founder and CEO of the company, publicly thanked Quadrivio for the support it has been able to provide in the recent years contributing to the company's growth, and Como Venture that will
allow D-Orbit to develop more rapidly the technical and commercial advancement and let it to become a leader of decommissioning systems in the aerospace industry. The financial resources injected by Quadrivio and Como Venture provides the company with the right fuel that in 2015 will allow D-Orbit to accelerate even further its engine and bring it really in orbit.
The dynamic and innovative approach of the company have attracted a new professional investor, Como Venture, which confirms its willingness to select and believe in projects that promote processes of considerable development and innovation with strong effects on the territory and high growth potential.

The participation of Como Venture in the investment responds to the objective of general nature, inherent in the project "Como System" launched by the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Como Paolo De Santis, of disseminating and supporting a culture of innovation to encourage the creation of new businesses in a systematic way, doing precisely the "system" with universities and research centers, business and facilities dedicated to the contribution of physical and economic capital. In particular Como Venture (company in which 26 members are entrepreneurs of Como) and the opportunity to participate in a very innovative project, in the development phase of this initiative, will have the opportunity to engage companies in the Como area, a goal that can be achieved given the large number of potential applications of the project.

Quadrivio, a major international investment group in venture capital in Italy with more than 60 professionals and about one billion euro in assets under management, through the Venture Capital fund TT Venture, aims to enhance the initiatives in sectors with a high degree of technology and innovation as Life-Science, New Materials, Clean Tech and Agro-food. The fund likes the developments achieved by D-Orbit, which in 2011 was just an idea, and today is a start-up that talks with the major industrial players of the sector. Quadrivio will further support the company in finding additional investors to continue the important developments expected during 2015 .

The announced investment is an important step for D-Orbit, but certainly not the last. Therefore, further significant investments will be needed, continuing its strategy of collaboration with the centers of scientific excellence and implementing industrial and commercial relations with local and international partners.