Thursday, November 6, 2014

Club Italia Investimenti 2 bets in the Italian smart parking app Parkey by providing seed funding

Club ItaliaInvestimenti 2 has invested in Parkey in a seed capital round. Parkey is the new concept of smart parking, a free mobile application developed by Cloud Park, the company that has followed the technological development of the app, available on the iOS and Android platforms, allowing drivers to find out free parking places on the go.
Cloud Park Srl has developed a unique integrated system, named Parkey, an app for iOS and Android devices, which based on Bluetooth 4.0 technology, once uploaded on an iOS or Android smartphones, in addition to identifying and obtaining any kind of information on city parking, not only allows each driver to find and navigate till any public or private parking, but moreover it transforms the smartphone into a remote control that opens and closes any access system to private and public parking. In the meantime, Parkey also executes the money transaction to pay the stop within the parking. Each parking access system recognizes each smartphone as a unique ID through Bluetooth technology installed into the access devices.

By downloading the app and activating the Bluetooth, in just a few simple steps you can locate the nearest car parking garage and reach it quickly, and even the payment for the whole parking time is charged directly to your credit card safely and quickly over your smartphone. With geolocation, you can find the nearest garage and find out if parking is available. By looking at the data sheets, you can
book your place directly from the phone. Choosing the garage and reserved a place, the app identifies via browser the fastest way to reach it. When you get to the garage, with the Bluetooth on, it is simply required to point the phone at the entry bar to open it. On the app is then possible to control, in real time, all data relating to the parking time to know, at any time, how much you are going to spend.

The capital raised will be mainly used in marketing campaigns aimed at disseminating the app among end driving users and its use by the latter. Secondly, they are need to fund the commercial development on the cities of Florence and Rome. All the main European cities with parking space can be relevant for Parkey.

The launch of 
Parkey, which sees among its partners Club ItaliaInvestimenti 2 and Milano Venture Company, has been realized with the patronage of the City of Milan.

About Club Italia Investimenti 2
Club Italia Investimenti 2 is a vehicle that invests in startup supported by the partner accelerators to complete the prototype stage and market launch. The goal is to generate metrics of interest for the next round of investment. Born in Milan in 2013, has already invested in 43 startups. Among its members it counts successful entrepreneurs and accelerators partner themselves.