Thursday, March 20, 2014

Atlante Seed, IAG and Zernike back CellPly with €2M investment

Italian Angels for GrowthZernike Meta Ventures - through its Ingenium Emilia Romagna II Fund - and Atlante Seed - vehicle of Intesa Sanpaolo managed by Imi Fondi Chiusi - financed CellPly with over €2 million to support the growth of Italian startup specializing in molecular diagnostics.

CellPly's mission is that to develop tools enabling a new way of personalizing cancer treatment by empowering clinicians and researchers with tools that readily analyze cell response to drug treatments.

It is one of the most "significant seed capital investments made ​​in Italy" and is designed to support the completion of the prototyping phase of the diagnostic platform developed by CellPly.

The technological platform of CellPly, currently under development, allows to check in-vitro (rather than directly on the patient) the cellular response to anticancer drugs, supporting  with predictive data choices of oncologists and doctors. CellPly therefore aims to carry an important advancement in personalized cancer care, providing diagnostic tools to define and monitor in-vitro patient's response to drug treatments such as chemotherapy and monoclonal antibodies.

Within the in vitro diagnostics market, the CellPly business will place the company  in the growing segment of tissues advanced diagnostics of, commercializing a platform that will be made available in the clinic, close to the patient, to define the response of the liquid and solid tumors to the drug treatment.