Wednesday, November 13, 2013


 Salerno, 12th November 201356 CUBE, venture incubator born within the certified Milan-based venture incubator Digital Magics listed on the AIM segment of the Italian Stock Exchange, in order to scout cutting-edge innovations from Southern Italy, launches and backs financially with a €180,000 seed investment Buzzoole, the startup which wants to disrupt online users' presence by optimizing and identifying, in a qualitative manner, influencers in a specific field. To accelerate its development, apart the financial backing, 56 CUBE will be providing Buzzoole also with technical, mentorship and marketing services with the support of Digital Magics.

Buzzoole - the italian answer to the US giant of the online marketing Klout - is the first Italian IEO (influence engine optimization) and social media advertising platform, based on an algorithm and an innovative technology that allows companies rethink their concept of influence, by qualitatively identifying influencers of their niche market and to generate word of mouth on their products and services (the so-called buzz marketing), rewarding influencers with dedicated offers such as discounts, product testing, exclusive invitations. Thanks to the technology of Buzzoole, companies can independently plan online marketing campaigns with free and flexible budgets, to identify influencers by level, geographical area, topic and keyword. In comparison to its competitor Klout, which delivers only a quantitative analyzing, by telling how many people a user can reach with his messages, but is unable in revealing which influence his message can have, the algorithm developed by Buzzoole not only identifies the amount of reached people, but also the sectors in which they influence: sport, culture, media and so on. Fabrizio Perrone, founder of Buzzoole,  is very young and bright entrepreneur (29) who finished his studies in record times and started to work in strategy consulting and after a year founded Fan Media is first agency focused on campaigns of social media advertising, which gave him the clue to fill the gap, i.e. provide a qualitative tool allowing the identification of influencers on social media as well as a service of buzz and digital allowing SMEs to experiment the effects of word of mouth, which is the ace in the hole of Buzzoole

How does  Buzzoole work:
Let's make an practical example: "Dario is a graphic designer who joined Buzzoole. The site "calculates" and indicates the areas where he is more influential based on everything that he writes, designs and realizes on the web (the so-called flows on social media). Buzzoole is then able to put Dario you in touch with companies in that field. The companies will ask him to become brand-ambassador, i.e. to talk about their product. Caution: No to advertise it in a classic way but to express very specific and technical judgments and opinions that are as objective as possible. It happens for example with the iPhone 5, which is continuously put to the test and spontaneously "verified" by bloggers and journalists with video demonstrations. Therefore, on Buzzoole company X can ask 100 most influential people (influencers) to freely speak of a smartphone. In return, the influencer will get discounts and offers from the same company, but not money, to avoid corrupting the word of mouth."

Buzzoole was awarded by SAP and PoliHub as most innovative startup in the field of Big Data , Real Time and Predictive Analysis. Buzzoole was also has been selected by Microsoft for its startup support program Bizspar , qualified to the finals of important Italian and international startup contests such as Next Berlin  2013, Mind the Bridge Accelerator, Web Summit in Dublin, UK-Italy Springboard 2012, 360by360 Competition (currently in progress) .

 "Becoming a startup of 56 CUBE and entering into a network of high-level, such that of Digital Magics, represents a fundamental  moment for us that gives us the motivation and the tools to continue to get ourselves even more challenged and face the market " - says Fabrizio Perrone, Founder and CEO of Buzzoole - " we are already working with the support of the two 'venture incubators' on the technological and strategic development of Buzzoole: we will soon release the beta version of our platform and we are contacting important industry operators, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, to present the high competitive advantages of our services."

 "Together with Digital Magics we continue to invest in innovation in Southern Italy, receiving hundreds of interesting projects every month" - said Gennaro Tesone , CEO of 56CUBE and Partner at Digital Magics - "We have selected for our incubator one of the most promising startups from Southern Italy. The decision to back these young talents and build with them Buzzoole is due to the original and innovative business idea with a strong technology component, the enormous scalability on an international level and qualified team consisting of Fabrizio Perrone CEO - Founder - Marketing & Account Director, Gennaro Varriale CTO & Co-founder (already known for the its previous social network Platform Developer & Managing Hacker, Luca Pignataro, Art director supporting Luca Camillo, programmer and software engineer", Fabrizio Rinaldi, Community Manager.