Saturday, November 16, 2013

IPO Made Easy: the Italian Stock Exchange launchs the project PiùBorsa

Borsa Italiana, the Italian Stock Exchange, has launched a new web page dedicated to the promotion of the initiatives of the project PiùBorsa.

The project "PiùBorsa" (more Stock Exchange) was promoted as system action with the participation of the leading players of the italian financial industry: Consob, Abi, Aifi, Assirevi, Assogestioni, Assosim, the Italian Stock Exchange, Confindustria, the Italian Investment Fund and Italian Strategic Fund by entering into a Memorandum of Understandings containing commitments and measures to promote a common policy for the development of a national securities market. The project may be a useful point of reference for all interested companies.

The memorandum is the first result of the working group called "Admission to the listing of SMEs: stimulation measures, the role of markets and operators", formed on March 7, 2012, upon proposal of different market participants and under the coordination of Consob. The aim is to draw up proposals on the one hand, to assist SMEs in a path of openness to the venture capital market and, secondly, to increase the interest of institutional investors toward this category of companies. 

From now on, in addition, market participants involved in the project may submit their own bids through the website dedicated to the beneficiary companies of the initiatives PiùBorsa, such as advisory services and assistance in the process of admission on the market and subsequent persistence in the negotiations. Finally, the description of professional experience and track record in the field earned by each operator, will be offered alongside information on the qualitative factors considered in the pricing of services offered, with 2 possible indication of the average values ​​of individual prices and tariff concessions.

The browser window, not only facilitates the access of SMEs to the eased path of the program PiùBorsa, will contribute to gaining information on the progress of the program and the contacts at the institutions and actors involved.

The Stock Exchange is the solution for:
  1. Financing growth 
  2. Increase the competitive advantage 
  3. Diversify financing source
  4. Increase contractual power with clients and suppliers
  5. Ease the generational change
  6. Attract qualified resources
  7. Give liquidity to the capital and transparency to the value
The Markets of the Italian Stock Exchange:
  • MTA - Telematic Stock Market: is the principal market of the Italian Stock Exchange dedicated ti SMEs. It is aligned to the best international standards to allow capital raising from institutional, professional and private investors.
  • STAR: is the segment of MTA Market of Italian Stock Exchange dedicated to SMEs with a market cap between €40 and €1,000 million, committing to pursue the excellence requisites in terms of high transparency and high communicative vocation, high liquidity (at least 35% of floating capital) and corporate governance (set of rules shaping the management of a company) aligned to the international standards.
  • MIV (Mercato degli Investimenti Vehicles - Investments Vehicles Market): is the regulated marked of the Italian Stock Exchange created with the objective to offer capitals, liquidity and visibility to investment vehicles with a clear strategic vision. Thank to its efficient and flexible regulated asset, it is able to host numerous types of vehicles, among which: investment and real estate investment companies, private equity funds, closed-end funds, special purpose acquisition companies (SPAC), specialized funds, multi-strategy funds, funds of funds.
  • AIM (Mercato Alternativo del Capitale - Alternative Capital Market): is the of the Italian Stock Exchange dedicated to SMEs which want to invest in their growth. AIM Italia stands out for its equilibrated regulatory approach, for a high visibility at international level and for a process of flexible admission, build custom-made for the financing need of italian SMEs in a global competitive context.
The project ELITE:
ELITE adresses the best italian companies and with a program in three phases which helps to trace the route toward success, since it flanks them in an organizational and cultural changing process, getting them closed to capital markets, improving the relations with the entrepreneurial and banking system, eases their internationalization.

ELITE is a path thought for virtuos SMEs with an ambitious growth project to tell about. ELITE allows the organizational and managerial development, the transparency and managerial efficiency as well as the capacity to identify the best growth vectors. 


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